The Brave CoLab Evolution at LEA 29 in Second Life

We can be forgiven if there are days when we feel like pulling the covers over our heads and not going out into the world.  The news headlines are about violence and hatred. And the news about the planet – well species are dying,  glaciers crashing, corals bleaching, the weather going crazy with extreme events, poverty and inequality everywhere.

The Brave is a build and a show and a series of collaborations at LEA 29 that dares us to dream differently. It doesn’t have to be like this. There are answers. But we need to step up.

The Darkness: What can make us stand up and see how urgent it is to change?

 The Mountain: Which voices will tell us about different and better ways to live with each other and our planet?

 The Return: How do we green our own human selves so that we are working with our world? Making our way through to a better future?

 Come and join us –  find answers to these questions and tell the story with creativity and power

The Imaginals invite you to visit LEA 29 for the dance and particle show, amazing art, builds, poetry, dance, live music, videos and quests (and gifts).

Events schedule will be in Facebook, Second Life Events and on this site. Subscribe or join the group “I’m with the Brave” at the welcome area. You need a Second Life account and avatar to visit.